School Selection

We will help you find a school. After you provide us with your requirements we will introduce you to a school. We can forward all application documents. For more information please contact us.

We work with many schools and will help you select the best school for you.


Antioch University Seattle

City University of Seattle

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle University

University of Washington

And Others


Bellevue College

Cascadia College

Edmonds College

Everett College

Highline College

North Seattle College

Seattle Central College

Shoreline College

South Seattle College

And Others

Language Schools

A.C.E. Language Institute at SPU

ALPS Language School

ELS Language School

Kaplan English Programs

PIA Language School in Portland, OR

High School Program

We assist students to enter American High Schools. We provide the individual care service to each student. During their stay in the US, we monitor and make sure students are thriving in school.

Private School -
Cedar Park Christian School
JFK High School
Northwest High School
Seattle Lutheran High School
Seattle Waldorf School
The Bear Creek School